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At BFE Satellite Solutions, LLC, we believe a Satisfied Customer to be our most valuable asset. So that our most recently installed customers may have the best internet browsing experience possible, we have compiled a list of helpful links within the ViaSat network. Please check them out and save the ones you find helpful to your browser for future reference. We welcome your input so please Contact Us if there is something you would like to see listed here, need information on, or need assistance with. Thank you for choosing BFE Satellite Solutions, LLC, and Exede.

New Customers: Getting Started, with BFE Satellite Solutions, LLC and Exede.
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SOMETHING NEW IN THE SKY: VIASAT-2: Our next Satellite is on the way. Find out more about it HERE.

To assist you with managing your download allowance and making the best use of the Late Night Free Zone, see a list of available free Download Management Programs at:

Tools to help track your Broadband Data Usage on PC or Mac:  NOTE: This information is provided by CNET/UK and contains some helpful tools and information to track your data usage. It is provided FYI only and is not endorsed by ExedeWildBlue, ViaSat, or BFE Satellite Solutions, LLC.

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Free Comodo Internet Sercurity Download:

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Information on Gaming using the Exede Internet System:

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Data tip: Disabling video auto-play on Facebook and other sites:

Here’s an article on how to disable auto-play on popular browsers.

To disable auto-play on your smart phone (Android and iOS), here’s Facebook’s post on the topic.

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SPEED TESTS (not part of the ViaSat network)