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BFE Services & Pricing
Since the beginning, BFE Satellite Solutions, LLC has been proud to be our area's LOCAL Exede Dealer. As such, we remain committed to bringing the residents of Carroll County the best High Speed Internet service available, EXEDE. Because we know that seeing is believing, we have joined forces with another LOCAL business, The Carroll County Airport Restaurantto bring their customers FREE WiFi with Exede Internet. We invite you to stop by the restaurant, enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of their infamous home made pie, and put our services to the test. We're sure you'll agree that the friendly service, delicious food, and the FAST Exede Internet service at The Carroll County Airport Restaurant is second to none. The restaurant is located at 253 Airport Rd. SE, Carrollton, OH 44615. Phone: 330-627-5250 Click here for directions.
Come give Exede Internet a test drive!
Placing your order with BFE Satellite Solutions, LLC, and what to expect next.

When you're ready to end the pain associated with your current internet service provider simply Contact Us and we'll show you the way with Exede. Here's what you can expect from your initial phone contact:

1. Our staff will spend all the time you need answering all of your questions as well as gathering basic information regarding your internet needs.

2. The online order entry process will take about 5 minutes and will include the following: 
Account holder name, DOB, phone number, Email address, and Service address.
Billing address (if different than service address)
Exede package and lease option
Method of Payment (Credit/Debit card or electronic fund transfer ONLY), card and cardholder information. We do not ask for      your SSN. 

3. Once entered, your order should be accepted by Exede immediately and your new Exede equipment will be simultaneously ordered and shipped to BFE Satellite Solutions, LLC, your Exede dealer. We usually receive the equipment within one to two business days. We will keep you informed via email and/or telephone of any delays as well as contact you when your equipment arrives so that we can schedule your installation. 

4. Our installer will contact you the day of your installation to confirm our arrival time. Please make sure you have provided us with an alternate phone number where you can be reached if necessary.

5. Upon arrival our installer will conduct a brief on-site survey to make sure there are no Line Of Sight (LOS) issues with the
ViaSat-1 satellite. Please Note: the on-site survey is the only way to determine if there are LOS or any other issues that may prevent us from installing and activating your Exede service. If you have any concerns about this, please let us know prior to placing your order. Our staff will gather more specific information about your location to help determine if any potential problems may exist. We will be glad to perform an on-site survey at NO cost to you, prior to placing your order if deemed necessary. If no problems are identified, the installer will discuss the possible installation options with you and if agreed upon will install your new Exede system.

6.Once your system is installed, it will be activated on your computer and you will be instructed on the basic operation of your new Exede service. We will assist you in setting up your Exede account username and password so that you can access and make changes to your account, as well as track your data usage. We will ensure that you are able to surf the web and that all of your questions have been answered. Don't hesitate to ask us, We have the time.

Please Note: Your Exede installation is considered complete when all of the installer duties (numbers 4-6 above) have been completed. Your system is functioning properly when the Installer's laptop is able to access the internet while hard-wired (via a provided ethernet cable) to the Exede Surfbeam-2 modem. Connecting the Exede service to a wireless network is NOT part of the standard installation process. Please see Setting Up a Wireless Network below for more information.

​.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

Additional Fee Products and Services

Non-Standard Installations: Please be aware that the findings of the on-site survey may require your installer to perform a non-standard installation in order to provide your Exede service. Additional fees may apply if work is required outside of a standard installation. Your installer should discuss these with you and any additional fees agreed upon prior to beginning any work.

The most common non-standard installation charge is for a pole mountOur cost to you for this service is $50.00 which includes burying the cable up to 15 feet. (There may be additional labor charges for longer cable runs.)

Setting Up a Wireless Network: If you desire the freedom of using your new Exede service wirelessly with a laptop, iPad, or other wireless devices, you will need to set up a wireless network. This requires having a wireless router. At BFE Satellite Solutions, LLC, we are happy to offer this service. (Additional fees will apply) We will need to arrange for this at the time we set up your account so that we can allow extra time during installation as well as having the necessary equipment to complete the job. You may purchase your own router or for your convenience, you may purchase one from BFE Satellite Solutions, LLC at the time of your installation.

Our cost to you for these services are as follows:
- Set Up a Wireless Network (customer provides router): FREE at time of installation.
- Set Up a Wireless Network and provide a wireless router: $50.00 ( this includes the basic home N-300 wireless router by Cisco (Linksys) or Netgear; approximate $50.00 value) 

***BFE Satellite Solutions, LLC will only sell and install NEW routers (OR New / factory certified refurbished) which are in their original, unopened, undamaged package.***

At BFE Satellite Solutions, LLC, our goal is for you to have the best, most worry-free, and fully functional Satellite Internet Service available, from the moment we leave your home. This is why we only sell and install Exede and why we offer these extra services. Please feel free to let us know of anything you may need to make our goal your reality. If we can't provide you with the services you desire, we will do whatever we can to put you in contact with someone who can.