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Exede Voice 


Save with unlimited local and long distance.

Get $10 off your internet bill when you bundle with Exede Voice

Only $29.99/mo

Introducing Exede Voice

Now you can add home phone service to your Exede Internet service. 

Exede Voice is a new service offered by ViaSat that uses the same super-fast satellite space technology as Exede high-speed satellite internet. If you thought it couldn’t get any better with internet provided by Exede, here’s a curveball for you! As a customer, you can expect extremely high-quality phone service with Exede Voice—a great pair with your Exede internet service. The switch to our home phone plan will provide your business and your family with a seamless connection to your Exede service, grouping your phone and internet services together in a single account and bill. Your Exede Voice system will be connected to your modem, streamlining your services and providing reliable service for both phone and computer simultaneously. Most importantly, your Exede Voice service will not count towards your data plan, and you can both browse the internet and talk on the phone at the same time.

Our phone service designed and optimized specifically for the Exede satellite network.

• Unlimited local and long distance calling in the 50 United States — plus Canada
• Great call quality PLUS voicemail, call waiting, caller ID and many other popular features
•  Exede Voice is optimized for the Exede network, unlike other VoIP services
• Use your existing phone number. In most cases, you can transfer your current phone number to Exede Voice or get a new phone number--- your choice!
Use of Exede Voice will not count toward your internet data allowance.

How Exede Voice works

VOIP TechnologyExede Voice uses what’s known as ‘Voice over Internet Protocol,’ often known as ‘VoIP.’ The technology uses the signal from your Internet to provide phone service in your home.

Simple Setup: All it takes is a little black box, called the Exede Voice Adapter, which connects to your Exede satellite modem. Another cable connects the box to your computer or wireless router, while a third line – a phone cord – connects to either your corded phone or the base station of your cordless phone. You can learn more about the set-up by watching the videos below.

Optimized for Exede: Commercial VoIP service has been around since about 2004, but Exede Voice is the first Internet phone service fully optimized and designed from the ground up to work with the Exede network. It’s also the only VoIP service that won’t count toward your monthly data allowance, making it a great complement for phone service with your Exede Internet.

Extensive Testing: The engineers at ViaSat who designed Exede Voice spent over a year developing it, and another six months testing it with live customers before introducing it in the summer of 2013. Our beta customers reported great results, with high call quality and reliability

       The Exede Voice Adapter

Simple to Set up

All it takes is a little black box, which connects to your Exede modem. Another cable connects the box to your computer or wireless router, while a phone cord connects to either your corded phone or the base station of your cordless phone. WATCH the videos below.

Click here to download the Exede Voice Quick Start Guide.