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Exede Residential Internet Plans & Pricing
BFE Satellite Solutions, LLC has been proudly serving residents of Northeast Ohio's Carroll and surrounding counties since 2012, as our regions only LOCAL EXEDE DEALER. Since that time ViaSat has introduced many exciting new services and offers to compliment their award winning Exede Internet service, As a result, Exede Internet sales have skyrocketed and has emerged as the undisputed best in the Satellite Internet industry.

While BFE Satellite Solutions, LLC is thrilled to exclusively offer Exede Internet Service as your LOCAL EXEDE DEALER, being the best hasn't come without some growing pains. Due to the popularity of our service, Exede Internet is only available in certain areas through Local Self Installing Exede dealers such as BFE Satellite Solutions, LLC. To ensure our customers receive the very best in customer satisfaction, we encourage you to know who you are dealing with before placing your order for Exede Internet. Be sure you are dealing with an Authorized Exede Internet Dealer and that they are locally owned and operated such as BFE Satellite Solutions, LLC. A current listing of local Authorized Exede Internet Dealers can be found on Exede's website or click HERE to find a local dealer in our area.


How it Works

Once you’ve been an Exede Internet customer for at least one month, you’re eligible for the Hibernation Plan. Under this plan, you can suspend your service for two to six months at a time, for a total of up to six months in any 12-month period. Simply call Customer Care at 855-463-9333 and tell them you’d like to switch to the Hibernation Plan. Service will be suspended immediately after your call. When you’re ready to reactivate your full service, call Customer Care on the day you’d like it restored.

Details and Restrictions

Fees: You will be charged a $9.99 monthly fee while you are on the Hibernation Plan. This fee replaces the monthly service fee on your regular Exede Internet plan. You are still responsible for the monthly equipment lease fee (if applicable) and the fees for any other services you may have through ViaSat, such as Exede Voice. If you prepaid your equipment lease fee, the months during which you are on the Hibernation Plan will continue to be applied against your prepaid equipment lease fee.

Minimum Service Term: Your minimum service term continues to run while you are on the Hibernation Plan. For example, if you have 20 months left in your minimum service term when you switch to the Hibernation Plan and you are on the Hibernation Plan for 4 months, you’ll have 16 months left on your minimum service term when you switch back to your regular Exede Internet plan.

Speeds: While you are on the Hibernation Plan, your access to the internet will be blocked. However, if you have Exede Voice, you will continue to be able to make phone calls and you will continue to be charged at the usual monthly rate for your Exede Voice service.

Eligibility: Customers on Exede5, Exede12 and WildBlue Recovery Act plans (customers with the black SurfBeam modem) and who have been under contract for at least 1 month are eligible to use the Hibernation Plan. Customers on Legacy WildBlue plans (customers with the blue SurfBeam modem) are not eligible for the plan.

Terms: You may suspend your service for two to six months at a time, for a maximum of six months in any 12-month period.

Read Frequently Asked Questions about the Hibernation Plan.
If you’re one of the many Americans who splits time between a primary and secondary home or if you have a vacation cabin, you may be interested in the Hibernation Plan for your Exede Internet service. This plan allows you to put your Exede Internet service on hold for a certain period of time while paying a minimal monthly fee to keep your service in place.
Introducing the Exede Liberty Plans
Here’s How it Works:

Use the internet however you’d like at our fastest speeds with Priority Data (12 Mbps download). Just pick your plan based on how much data you and your family typically use on a monthly basis.

Liberty Pass offers download speeds from 1 to 5 Mbps during           morning / daytime hours (usually about 2 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and kicks in if you go over your Priority Data allowance.

» During morning/daytime hours, you should be able to do most of the things you want to do online, such as web browsing and email. You should also be able to stream video, but not on multiple devices, and you may not be able to stream HD video.

» During evening hours (usually about 5 2 a.m.), your speeds will be much slower. You can still purchase more Priority Data, if needed, or upgrade to a more expensive plan that includes more Priority Data every month.

​Designed to give you and your family continued access to the internet.
Pick the amount of Priority Data you need and the Liberty Pass will let you worry less about how much data you’re using.

Liberty Plan Benefits
​» Priority Data delivered at our fastest 12 Mbps download speed.

» Liberty Pass provides 1-5 Mbps download
speeds if you use up your Priority Data.

» Great for those who typically use the internet during the daytime, especially before 5 p.m.

» 3-year Pricelock Guarantee (for
non-promotional price).

» SAVE $120 during your first year with Internet and phone service bundle

» Antivirus software included for 12 months.